Thursday, February 12, 2009

a Thursday

It's a Thursday oh yes i'm off from work. -.-

Post up this entry is mainly out of boredem,this is what i made like 3 days ago,on Chinese Lantern's day,almost the most delicious stuff i've ever made,i love love love it.
i felt a little down right now but no idea what's all that about,being alone in my house is great,i should have got my ID card done but i'm way lazy to get ass off from my bed...

oh yes i made lunch for them but for ME it taste like ...oh boy!i barely eating anything this noon.

Cleaning is another big housework to do,should i just let it be?
how about those stray clothes and dust?
i hate hate hate dust in my room,i hope i don't get cleanliness.

finished product,yummylicious (:
the stuffing,tofu,ham,shrimp

yes it's MEEE who made this

okay byes
i'm so tired,my neck's sore