Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I have to make a note of this

So i read this article and it really helped.i found it's very useful and reasonable so i think i should share with all of you (:
Yes it's a tough economic time and all workers share the same common of getting fired,and today we're not only scared of getting fired but also afraid of getting laid off from jobs.

Those are 10 ways we'd damage our career,you should we should all avoid these:

1.Not keeping track of your accomplishment.
i have to say this is really important to keep notes of what you've done ,what you've got in the process of your work career,not to say someday your asking for a salary increase but also it helps when annual performance coming,and that time it's the only time your boss would know what you have achieved in this year.AND who knows whens the next time you're applying for another job,so what content you've got for your resume ,got it:)

2.Not keeping your skill set current.
You should always keep up the date,keep your skill set current to show that make your boss's money worthy on you espesically when he's going to reduce the expense.It's a ever-changing world remember that.

3.Not delivering results.
If you cost money instead of making money your guaranteed to fall in the wayside.The common sense would tell us that the bussiness is about accountbility.

4.Efficient does not equal effective.
Communicating with people by your emails,text messages,your blackberry chats won't help you establish the relationship with people.TALK to them is the fastest most effective way.

5.Thinking your irreplaceable.
There's no room for the "divas" in the workplace.There're millions of people looking for job right now and definitely more than a few of could do your job,replace your position and probably they'd do better than you.if you think your the only one who can do the job "right",your surely start to fall.

6.Knowing all the answers.
To stay afloat with today's job market,stay current and learn to ask questions and listen to some new ideas.

7.Surrounding yourself with "brownnosers" .
i am really sick of those bragging pig ass and i think your sharing the same opinion with me.

8.Take all the credits.
Just give credit where it due.Most managers are smart enough to recognize it when you inappropriately take full credit for positive outcomes despite the help or input by the others.

9.Not tooting your own horn.
Your boss doesn't have time to keep a tab on each of their empolyees,so how would your boss know the value of you to this company unless you tell him?
it's hard for some of those who're really shy (like me?! lol),but it really worth a try.

10.Losing your perpective.
It's awful to lose your perpective.Acknowledging that you're not perfect would earn you respect in the office,but give out an idea to show your way,people need to seek advice and perspectives.

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