Monday, February 23, 2009


I don't get why some people or should I just pull out the word"bastard"are so stupid;
I found it's completely useless to argue with someone,it's a fucking waste of time and what's worse you know,that stupid asshole would drive you crazy!

And,your in a lower level than him in this muthafn company,what else you gotta say huh,he's never wrong,NEVER!So when you thought you could deal with him with some senseable reasons or just be rational with him, he doesn't buy it,and he won't buy it,he's just fucking stupid self-righteous dumb ass!That saying is right,"birds of a feather flock together",to whom that follow his lead,is also stupid in my eyes.

It's easy to find out,everyone dislike him but we just don't say it,but are you taking it as we're afraid of you?Or are you taking it as your the smartest muthafucker in this world?So nobody can compete with you?
But but but oh sir,why your still under controlled after these whoaa like 10 years of career fighting?Are you blind or retarded that your just an employeeeeeee,like everyone else here.

I don't fight with this dumbass no more,like I said it's totally useless and a waste of time,you'll just gonna see.

I feel much better now,cause it's ME who got the rights,and ohhh one more thing:to whom that called me the other day asking if i got scared,FUCK OFF lady!
Apparently,you don't know my temper at allll.It's YOU who got fucking scared,afraid of losing your job or bonus babe?

I don't wanna know cause I don't give a shit!


Chris said...

Thanks for checking out my blog. Sorry to hear you have had a lot of frustration at work. Writing it down on the blog is a good way to relieve some pressure, I have found that too. You're right, there is no point arguing with some people, you might as well be talking to a brick wall!

GWENNN. said...


Hiii (:
yeah i have had alot of frustration at work recently,but i feel much better now;

if the world gives you 1000 reasons to cry,you give the world 1000 reasons to smile lol

oh yah haha i can talk to a brick wall next time :P