Thursday, February 12, 2009

i strongly feel the urge to stop doing this

i need to have to stop focusing on my blog!
this is like so addictive and my life's been passing away without even realizing and i done nothing all day. omg and i feel so useless!why can't I find better things to do:/

this is what i did this morning when they guys are all gone to work and me got up tried on the shorts make sure that i can still fit in it,luckily after a whole night's diegestion and my push push push it in,i did it!

so look like this ,what does it mean huh ,i need to lose some serious weight and keep in shape in this so soon coming summer,i have to lose some especially on my thigh,i hate it!

yes i need neeed neeeeed to stop checking /reading blogs from time to time ,it's soooo stupid and a totally waste of gold time.

Spare meeee!!


The Horrible People said...

oh, i know the feeling.
i come back from classes, and i start reading blogs. hahaha


GWENNN. said...

Clair: lol you should stop doing this tooooo :P

i'm holding back