Monday, February 16, 2009


It's a Monday again and i have to say that i have zillions of different moods for this very first day of that start-over-again work day.

I always try to think optimistic while i'm getting ready for work on Monday or the whole weekday would turn out to be so crappy.And it really works for me!

it's pretty smoggy and raining for a little bit,like it's the best time to curl in your bed and just chillin' on the internet,turn off the lights,close your windows,draw off your curtains,what a wonderful day and at the same time it's the worst.Think further it'll just ruin your fight spirit,ruin your life.

Bingo!my boss wanted me to redone the report form for her due to her inconsistent idea.
So i have my very first deadline for Monday:it's 530pm.

i really hate doing endless report form,and excel just drives me crazy!
but deal with it,this is life,this is work,this is it!

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