Friday, December 12, 2008

something rip your heart and smash your face

yes i wish that someday i will be like this free.

back to the topic;
i'm so damn frustrated.

1.looking for a decent apt.,almost done now,but kinda expensive for what the landholder provide;
2.planning how to use my pathetic salary,it's almost the end of 2008 but lacking of money and happiness make all of this a nightmare;imagine this.
3.i'm not romantic and hate to spend my money on something that actually useless to me;
4.but now,i'm so fond of those cute knickknack,and i want to have a big toy for my aftercoming bday,it's on Christmas day,but what a day for MEE here,wth.

and blah blah blah,that's not all the reasons why i'm so depressed.
i can't even explain,life's short,i should have lived it to the fullest and be optimistic to no end.
i guess,i can just sum my current mood into three words:
"this is life",so get used to it.

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