Wednesday, November 19, 2008

what kind of face is that

THIS was taken last friday,Nov.14.
what was i looking at -.- omigod
the lady in green is my supervisor,she's sometimes inconstant at some points:P;
but i really amazed by what she's achieved by her own.
she's nice to me and taught me a lot,thank you.
seafood seafooood seafoooooood

So i've heard the Vice chairman's visiting our company,
and he IS right here now whoa,*surprise surprise*:
but even the Chairman Hu has visited here years ago,so yeah..
of course it's like locked down outside,
and we're like grounded inside;
i'm overtime working for extra half an hour cause they won't leave till 6pm-.-
wth man!
BUT good news is:i have Yuwan for dinner LOL,*dancing around*

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