Wednesday, March 4, 2009

i was actually so drunk last night

Yes,i was actually drunk last night but people wouldn't ever notice that cause I pretended pretty well and kept saying i'm just fine.
So does this real?
I mean when you ask your friend like "how are you,how's everything going for you?"
and they answered like "i'm fine."
have you ever wondered "really ?tell me the truth !"
I already felt the dizzyness in my head and can't make solid feet on the ground,people were getting nasty and talktive. when I took the cab back home it's already like 11pm.

I feel the stinky smell all over myself so does TJ,but i can't persuade myself to get a shower cause it's getting really late and the rain just won't quit ! WHAT THE HELL!WHERE THE FUCK DOES THE SUN HIDE ?

Then went this: i talked to Ys,she told me something i can't remember all but this going-to-Austrulia idea.I have no clue how's all these happening but i want her to stay in China,like we can hang out sometimes later,I miss that city i've been staying for 4 years and there has someone I care about. Can't you tell?!

I hope your happy;
and I hope you know that I love you.

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