Friday, July 30, 2010


At here waiting for you;
Be with you;
Call you just to say "hi";
Doesn't mind you shout at me;
Envision the whole of you;
Forever stand by you;
Give you what you need;
Hope you enjoy your life;
I love you;
Jump and cheer for you;
Keep you close at heart;
Learn to know you;
Makes a difference in your life;
Never makes you cry;
Offer supports;
Put you in my heart;
Quiets your fears;
Run with you;
Sing a song for you;
Taciturn knight;
Understand you;
Value you;
Walks beside you;
XL love;
Your all the time so addictive;
Zeal for you.


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to 735:
哥哥 我还来的 好奇怪 你怎么可以上这个网页,我在公司才可以上的哦~

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